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Container Gardening

Posted by Barbara Finch on

My passion is container gardening. If I plant perennials, I only plant one plant. With annuals, I plant several plants of one kind. I’ve learned, from experience, that the light,  moisture, and feeding differences of a plant(s) can make or break plantings in a container. I use  the best potting soil I can find. I like Miracle Gro, the best food and maintenance for my plants. I like John and Bob’s Smart Soil Solutions. Since I live in a Condo facing east with only a balcony (I get morning sun and afternoon shade), I only plant partial sun/shade plants. Again, this comes from experience.

I use drip irrigation in my window box/planter so that the water will go directly where it is needed-the roots.  You can also use soaker hoses for larger areas.

I plant Astilbe  in window boxes/planters and Coleus and Heuchera  in self watering pots. I mulch the outdoor containers after the soil is FROZEN (by experience with several plants that were dead by the spring when I removed the mulch); then the perennials will be grow healthy and strong with a little tender loving care. Another tip I learned (by experience) is to only overwinter plants outside that are  2 zones below yours (since I am in zone 6 B, I can overwinter my Astilbe  and Heuchera outdoors (their plant hardiness zones are 3-9), but my Coleus is an annual in the North (a tender perennial in the South), so I prune them severely and bring them indoors during the winter.

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