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Products, Website, Certificates, and Me!!!

Posted by Barbara Finch on



In most blog posts, I talk about the products I sell and not how I personally would use them to make my outdoor experiences great.

I know that I wrote , in the past, about me being a Certified Extension Master Gardener in MI. I also have a Bachelor's degrees in Nursing and I am now taking an online course in Landscape Design.

I am 63 years old and Nursing was the only profession I had before I retired. This Landscape Design course is not easy for me, but it is what God wants me to do.. And I KNOW He will be with me, bless me, and help me along this educational journey as I do what He wants me to do. I KNOW that this website and my certificates will make my business successful in the future and I WILL NEVER GIVE UP.

The products I sell (outdoor furniture and accessories, fountains, and fire pits and accessories) are products I would add to my own Garden Design and others. I think that they make any outdoor space more relaxing and inviting after all your outdoor chores are done.

My website and certificates are not only for my business, but for me too. They make me feel that there is more to life than just Nursing and I can do things I thought I couldn't do. 

Does gardening, landscaping, and just being outdoors, make you feel you can do things that you thought you couldn't do too?


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